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A Recruiter Discusses A ‘One In A Thousand’ Cover Letter

By Rachel on in Job applications

In the following video, Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a former Fortune 500 recruiter and co-founder of, discusses the best cover letter she remembers from her 15-year career as a recruiter. What stands out for me watching this short video are two … Continue reading

And, this exists.

By Rachel on in What not to do

The PCman’s FREE Cover Letter Creator We have several different letters that contain generalized body text that you can personalize for your situation. Please edit the letter in the box below, to personalize your letter replace the capitalized place holders … Continue reading

Getting Your Cover Letter Read

By Rachel on in Job applications

Simply attaching your Shakespearean work of genius to your online application is no guarantee that anyone will see it. In fact, it’s more like a guarantee that it won’t be read. (This applies only to companies using an Applicant Tracking … Continue reading

Cover Letters Still Matter

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Saw this from a hiring manager just last week: “We consider candidates who send us thoughtful cover letters that explain how their qualifications fit with the requirements of this position.” Not “We give priority to candidates who send us thoughtful … Continue reading


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Not so much of an accomplishment since I’m the only one here (for now). Will be adding to the blog in the weeks ahead. Go ahead and let me know if you’re interested in contributing a guest post.

The Book Is (For Real) Coming

By Rachel on in Housekeeping

Hey guys – some of you are no doubt wondering when Cover Letters for Creative People will actually hit Amazon’s shelves. The answer is: soon. By the middle of the spring semester at the latest the book will be out. … Continue reading