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Can you reuse a cover letter?

By Rachel on in Job applications, What not to do

It’s…not a good idea. If you are thinking of reusing a cover letter to apply to more than one job, don’t. I’m not talking about carefully picking and choosing parts that can be reused. (That’s a post from last year … Continue reading

Why It’s So Hard To Write A Good Cover Letter, Reason #43: Bad Advice!

By Rachel on in Rage, What not to do

Are you trying to write a cover letter, but you’re stumped? Have you looked for advice online? Yep. You’re in trouble. I realize what a position it puts me in, as a person giving advice online, to say you should … Continue reading

It’s (Not) All About You

By Rachel on in What not to do

Saw a cover letter recently that made me cringe, so, of course, deconstructing it on this blog is the way to go. So the writer cannot be located/identified, I’m only going to pull out snippets from said letter, and of … Continue reading

Adding Personality To Your Cover Letters, Part 2: Personality, Not Arrogance

By Rachel on in What not to do

Dorsey Shaw, an editor at Buzzfeed, posted this image the other day, with the caption: “Never ever ever ever try to get a job with an email like this. Not ever.” We have to agree. For the purposes of this … Continue reading

What Can and Can’t You Reuse In A Cover Letter?

By Rachel on in What not to do

Since a good cover letter is customized to the job you’re applying for, it’s not a good idea to reuse the same letter more than once. That said, certain parts are…not boilerplate, exactly, but maybe a little less important to … Continue reading

And, this exists.

By Rachel on in What not to do

The PCman’s FREE Cover Letter Creator We have several different letters that contain generalized body text that you can personalize for your situation. Please edit the letter in the box below, to personalize your letter replace the capitalized place holders … Continue reading