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Big news: Cover Letters for Creative People now available* at your local library

By Rachel on in Housekeeping

This is some big news, with some big caveats. The short version: You may soon be able to borrow Cover Letters for Creative People for free through your local library. The longer version: It might take a bit of work. … Continue reading

Buy on Amazon, leave a review, I’ll look at your cover letter

By Rachel on in Sales

Here’s a quick promotion for y’all, whether you’ve already purchased or if you’ve been holding off on buying. If you have picked up the book on and leave a “Verified Purchase” review, I’ll take a look at one of … Continue reading

Firms sign on to “Intern Bill of Rights”

By Rachel on in Uncategorized

Interesting news this month: InternMatch is asking big companies to sign on to an “Intern Bill of Rights” that would promise fair treatment and paid work…or if it’s not paid, then at least meaningful. According to InternMatch’s petition, Viacom has … Continue reading

Can you reuse a cover letter?

By Rachel on in Job applications, What not to do

It’s…not a good idea. If you are thinking of reusing a cover letter to apply to more than one job, don’t. I’m not talking about carefully picking and choosing parts that can be reused. (That’s a post from last year … Continue reading

How and why to write a cover letter with personality

By Rachel on in Job applications

What’s your personality? Are you serious? Funny? Hard-working? Creative? Your cover letter should show (a little) of your personality. Dial it up or down depending on the job you’re applying for. Here’s a job posting for an experienced reporter to … Continue reading

Back-to-school sale! Get Cover Letters for Creative People at more than 50% off!

By Rachel on in Sales

Because internship deadlines are fast approaching (seriously, it’s true), we’re offering Cover Letters for Creative People at just $2.99, (more than half off cover price), until September 30. Buy the book to get 18 actual, never-before-published cover letters that worked … Continue reading

Cover letter writing is a muscle.

By Rachel on in Job applications

It’s one that you can improve with practice. It’s also one that can atrophy very quickly. Believe me. I’ve been there. I’ve sat in front of the empty Microsoft Word document fearing that whatever I was about to type would … Continue reading

A cover letter critique: Take risks. What do you have to lose?

By Rachel on in Job applications

A reader e-mailed me his cover letter. I agreed to send him some suggestions in exchange for permission to put some of them into a blog post. So: this cover letter is 100% real (except for the redacted parts) and … Continue reading

How to write a cover letter for a “creative” job: show, don’t tell

By Rachel on in Job applications

Too many people, when applying for a job that says “attention to detail is a requirement,” simply write, “I have great attention to detail.” Show your attention to detail by sending a perfect cover letter and resume with no mistakes. … Continue reading

#Resuchat Wrapup

By Rachel on in Housekeeping

Last Tuesday I hosted my first Twitter chat, on optimizing your cover letter for entry-level jobs, with Jackalope Jobs. I was expecting it to be overwhelming, and it was (kinda), but mostly it was fun and energizing. Thanks to everyone … Continue reading